The author

I am a photographer, graphic designer and CG artist and resident in Madrid. Former member of the associations of nature photographers AEFONA and FONAMAD.

From my design studio, ILO Designs (, I focus my profession on creating images that communicate a specific message to the people who see them, through various techniques such as traditional hand drawing, digital illustration , photography or 3d modeling and rendering. But this website intends to focus, on the one hand, on disseminating aspects related to the nature of Spain and South Africa seen from the point of view of photography, and on the other hand, showing author photographs of other themes and other styles.

On this website I show my way of looking at and understanding our world through what I express in each photograph.

Nature photography. The visitor will be able to see photographs of the fauna and flora of Spain and South Africa, landscapes or details that have been captured without any subsequent retouching and without compositions or artificial settings in situ; without hides, without guides, without controlled fauna, and in short, how nature presents itself to us. I always try, as far as possible, to provide the identification of the animal or plant species photographed in order to collaborate with the healthy work of disseminating the great encyclopedia that is, well used, the Internet. Also in some of the photographs I intend to share with words what I have observed about the species or its environment.

From this website I offer the possibility of acquiring printed copies of the photographs for decorative or digital copies for editorial uses. please contact me for copies indicating the desired format and use, and I will be happy to respond with a proposal.