Adscita Genre

Digital scientific infographics about the Adscita Genre moths (work in progress) showing for the moment a hand drawn illustration of a male specimen.

Reference wonderful photograph taken in France by Nocte Invictus.

Note from the illustrator: some people could be wondering why I did not drawn the 6 legs. The way I want to draw the individuals is the way they were shot with a cam, which is meaning the way we can see them in nature, in order to identify at least the genre or family. Depending on the work in progress, I should to show all morphollogy details as I can of course, but that is not the aim in my personal collection. I consider by other way we, the illustrators must not to guess how the specimen is, because sometimes that could “change” the reality, including some variety within a species, or some rare individual to get found and identified (of course I am not talking about 4 or 6 legs on a moth). So, for my personal collection, I decided to follow the rule: it is what I see: no more, no less.